Transrarau Road Motorcycle Tour – there’s a reason why TransRarau was surnamed the Road of Treasures.

It is up to you to discover how it’s got its reputation.

We started the ride on TransRarau from the village of Pojorata in Bucovina. The road snake trough the village making its way up to the mountain.

Adam (1041 m) and Eve (980m) rock formations guard the village from ancient times.
Serene, Silent, Strong.

It’s close to sundown and animals are returning from pastures. No real herding is necessary as the cows already know their way by heart.
3 GS motorbikes, 4 enthusiastic riders. We’re eager to ride but the road is patient.

The road awaits. Every curve is waiting to be ridden, every view is ready to be immortalized and every rock to be stepped on. TransRarau is a wonder!

The road connects Moldova Valley in the north with Bistrita Valley in the South.

27 km of perfect Romanian Mountain Road.
The curves wind up close to Rarau Peak 1651m revealing a new perfect view with every turn.

We take small breaks here and there just to breath the air and enjoy the road and its views.

There are spacious places to safely pull over your motorbike on the side of the road. The wooden belle viewpoints provide for an amazing place to have a wide view over the mountains and take your most wanted pictures.

Ladys’s Rocks

Pietrele Doamnei (The Lady’s Rocks) are one of the most photographed landmarks of the region. Situated at 1634 m in altitude, the rock formations stand tall at their 70 m height and come with a fascinating story.

The Lady’s Rocks remember of Lady Elena, wife of the Moldavian ruler Petru Rares. During one of the Turkish raids, the ruler found shelter for his family and his fortune up in Rarau Mountains. Nevertheless, the Turks found the hiding place. Lady Elena and her daughter prayed to the heavens for their safety.
A group of rocks fell over the place where the treasure was hidden burying the invaders and saving the ruler’s family.
Hiking trips are available to the Lady’s Rocks should you feel to take a walk. Comfortable shoes are required, so leave your motorbike boots in your top box and hit the trails.

The Mountain sheltered a 15-century small hermitage. Following the period when the ruler Petru Rares was removed from the kingdom, he took shelter here with Lady Elena and his family. As a sign of gratitude to the monks that helped him, he raised a new monastery on the place of the old hermitage. This is how Rarau Monastery was constructed in 1538.

Riding south to the village of Chiril the winding road gets narrower. To the west a view to Giumalau Mountain Top opens, 1858 m in altitude.

If you are a mountain lover, close to Village Chiril you will find Zugreni – Pietrosul Gorges. It is the most important natural protected area at the North of Bistrita Mountains. Many walking trails are available for the adventurers that want to explore the area.

TransRarau Road Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 27 km
Road Condition: perfect tarmac

Experience in riding sharp corners required

When to visit: Best time to visit is from June to September.

To avoid crowds, make sure you reach TransRarau on weekdays. Weekends tend to attract more people to the area.

The road construction ended in 2014 giving the opportunity for motorbikes (all make and models) to be able to ride worry free this region.

How to get there:

Fly & Ride seems to be the best option. You can fly to Cluj-Napoca and rent a BMW motorcycle in the city of Turda in Transylvania. From Turda to the base of TransRarau in the village of Pojorata there are 257 km, 4:30min ride including Borgo and Mestecanis Mountain Passes.

Should you like a guided motorcycle adventure, Adventure Motorcycle Tours by Transylvania Live offers a 4-day Short Break including TransRarau and some of the best motorcycle roads in the area.

TransRarau Road – south side, heading to Chiril Village

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