Activity: Dades Gorge

Ride Dades Gorge in North Africa – Morocco. The men have built an amazing Road right alongside Dades Valley cutting through Dades Canyon. Orchards of fig, almonds and olives sit at the foot of the mighty Atlas Mountain.

As the road gets higher in altitude the landscape becomes more dramatic rewarding the riders with a new view of the Dades Valley with each turn. The road snakes up to the mountain and the turns grow in difficulty on a couple of kilometers.

Nature rewards our efforts – the views are spectacular. This Morocco Motorcycle Tours surprises us each day. Ride Spain and Morocco with a BMW Motorrad Travel Partner!

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Spain & Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Venture on an incredible adventure – Spain & Morocco Motorcycle Tour. Travel from the picks of the Atlas Mountains to the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert and the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Every day is a new discovery! This is the Gateway to Africa, this is Morocco!

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