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Dracula & Halloween Motorcycle Tours are created for the passionate of both motorcycling and Halloween/Vampire legends. During these adventures you get to ride under Dracula’s Wings on amazing motorcycle roads. The journey will take you to fortified citadels and medieval castles related with Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula.

Wooden stakes, garlic, crosses, and all other necessary to a survival kit in Transylvania is not neglected. A Bloody Mary at the end of a day will help keeping the Vampires away during the night.

Ride the motorcycle in Dracula’s Realm and discover the myths and the legends related to this bloody count.

From 5-day tours to 3-day Halloween Short Breaks (Halloween Party included) you can select your option.

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Dracula motorcycle tour Transylvania

Dracula Motorcycle Tour in Transylvania

The high mountain passes, twisting roads and the astonishing views of Transylvania make it one of the best motorcycle trips in the World. If you add to this the myths and legends associated to Dracula – the bloody vampire count, you are in for a unique adventure.

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Halloween Transylvania motorcycle tour

Halloween Motorcycle Tour in Transylvania

A spooky, most mysterious Halloween Motorcycle Tour invites you to ride under Dracula’s Wings in medieval Transylvania. Enigmatic castles, fortified citadels and winding roads take you on an astonishing journey to Sighisoara – birthplace of Vlad the Impaler – also known as Dracula. 

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