Activity: Killing of a living Dead

Book Halloween in Transylvania Motorcycle Short Break and attend Killing of a Living Dead Event. Go back in time when rituals were performed to deceased that used to haunt the life of the leaving… or at least it was thought so. Light your candle and be part of the crowed attending the ritual and assist the locals in performing the ceremony.

Vampires, moroi or strigoi, are all part of the Transylvanian folklore. How locals would handle these spirits? You are about to find out. Embark on a fantastic adventure in Transylvania during Halloween and enjoy one of the best Halloween Parties ever!

Attend the Killing of a Living Dead Event and ride with a BMW Motorrad Official Travel Partner!

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Halloween Transylvania motorcycle tour

Halloween Motorcycle Tour in Transylvania

A spooky, most mysterious Halloween Motorcycle Tour invites you to ride under Dracula’s Wings in medieval Transylvania. Enigmatic castles, fortified citadels and winding roads take you on an astonishing journey to Sighisoara – birthplace of Vlad the Impaler – also known as Dracula. 

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