Activity: Dubrovnik City

A winding road along the Dalmatian Coast takes you to the pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik City. Great views will welcome you along the way.  The old City of Dubrovnik is surrounded by perfectly preserved white stone defensive walls with strong forts and towers, Baroque houses with red roof tops, and many Gothic-Renaissance palaces.

The wonders of Dubrovnik attract travelers from all over the World. Explore the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Walk the city walls of the ancient citadel and admire the views over the sea and islands near by. After walking the city walls stop at a terrace by the sea in the old harbor and  try the delicious fresh sea food washed down with local wine or beer. Enjoy a cable car up Mount Srg and admire the fabulous landscape.

Return to your hotel, and relax in the Adriatic refreshing waters.
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