Activity: Delphi Oracle

Ride on a winding road to the foot of Parnassus Mountain. Here, the Oracle of Delphi lives on for the passionate traveler. The archaeological site of Delphi includes two sanctuaries, dedicated to Athena and Apollo.

Search the place where prophecies were made.  Important kings and commoners as well travelled long distances to ask question to the famous Oracle. They would hear the prophecies of the God Apollo trough the mouth of Pythia – the virgin oracle.

Visit the Museum and the Archaeological Site of Delphi. Walk the sacred way  to the Temple of Apollo, where Pythia would deliver her prophecies.

Explore Greece – visit Delphi Oracle. Ride with a BMW Motorrad Travel Partner!

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Greece Motorcycle Adventure

Enjoy your Greek odyssey to the place that has been the birthplace for democracy and a cradle of civilization. Great motorcycle riding on some of the best motorbike roads in Greece, all topped with traditional food and drinks, history, culture, nature, beaches, relaxation.

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